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Tutira School Supports Water Safety

Tutira School lead by Principal Kate Medicott took part in a water safety day at Napier Aquatic Centre. The school was joined by Fiona Hurley (Swimming New Zealand), Michelle Waugh (State Insurance), and Roanne Poi (Water Safety New Zealand) as well as a supportive group of teachers and parents within the Tutira community.

Tutira School have been delivering the State Kiwi Swim Safe programme to their students for the past three years and for the last two years have brought the entire school into town to take part in this water safety and survival session.

During the session the school was split up and worked in rotations lead by teachers and helpers. Students worked with life jackets practising survival strokes, tried out different everyday pieces of equipment to use in a survival session, and even took along clothes to swim in.

The skills covered during the event are vital survival lifesaving skills which are a must for the Tutira community as they are so close to Lake Tutira.

Koru the Kiwi popped along to cheer the swimmers on during the event and even principal Kate was in the pool supporting her students.

The level of competency these children have in the water is evident and it comes from the support the school and community put into keeping their children safer in, on, and around the water.

All the students from year one to eight took part in the session which included deep water work. Children were also given scenarios appropriate to their surroundings to come up with some critical thinking around survival and their aquatic environment.

A big thank you to Napier Aquatic Centre, Michelle Waugh, and Roanne Poi for all their support and help in making this another successful event.