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Freestyle Breathing 2

Having trouble with your swimmers dropping their arms when they are breathing? Get them to think about their favourite super hero and how they position themselves to fly most effectively. Try explaining that superhero’s have to keep their arm floating in order to fly through the skies, just like swimmers need to keep their lead arm high to move through the water most effectively. This is a great way to encourage imagination and creativity in your classes! 

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Freestyle Breathing

Whenever your face is in the water and your head is submerged, you should always blow out, exhaling slowly, don’t hold your breath. If you do this well, your lungs should be nearly empty when you rotate or roll to the side to breathe again. You then need to inhale quickly when your mouth clears the water. This should occur naturally if you have exhaled properly.

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Freestyle Breathing Position

Freestyle breathing position in pairs encourages keeping the head on the side and eyes looking across the water (helps eliminate over rolling onto the back). Remember to swap sides to practice bi-lateral breathing on the way back.

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Breathing Practice 2

Here's a good drill for breathing practice. Slow down swimmers breathing to let them focus on the breath with one arm rotation at a time. Count to six and roll to breathe with one arm circle. Breathing can be done on the same side or can alternate.

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Breathing Practice

Having trouble teaching breathing? Why not use the wall to help support the swimmers arm so they can gain a feel for their breathing position before trying to move down the pool.

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