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Welcome to the New Zealand swimming community.

Swimming New Zealand is the National organisation that represents swimming – helping to ensure every New Zealander swims to their potential.

Swimming is New Zealand’s third most popular recreational activity with 34.8 percent e.g. 1,139,812 New Zealanders choosing swimming as their preferred activity (SPARC 2007/8 Active New Zealand Survey). New Zealanders swim for a variety of reasons including sport, recreation, and health benefits.

Swimming New Zealand provides advice and leadership to the New Zealand community on all matters pertaining to swimming. Our Activities can be separated into three specific areas:

  • Education

- From Learn to Swim through to High Performance education programmes.


  • Recreation

- For those who swim for enjoyment, for the personal challenge or for the health benefits.


  • High Performance

- The sharp end of swimming – where our best athletes compete and take on the world.


Click here for the Swimming New Zealand Parent Handbook, this will provide you with a range of information from training to nutrition to swimming lingo. Please take your time to have a look through so you can be the best swimming parent there is.