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Stride Entry

This entry is chosen when entering deep water from a low edge / bank or when the swimmer needs to watch someone or something on entry. The swimmers aim is to prevent their head from submerging. Once the swimmer has entered the water this activity can be linked to sculling and treading water in the competencies of Water Skills For Life. Top tip - Teach students to always check for hazards before undertaking any type of entry.

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Using ladders properly is an important part of learning about our aquatic environment. Ladders are at the pool, on the boat, next to a platform or on the jetty - they are everywhere! Slow, feet first and controlled is the way to go.

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Entries and Exits

Getting into and out of the water safely is a really important skill to master. Consider how you can get into and out of your water environment safely. There may not always be stairs or a sloping ramp available. Take the time to look for safe entry and exit points and remember that these may change from time to time especially with changes in the weather etc.

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