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Meet Approval Process

The meet approval process below needs to be followed so that results can be approved and used as qualifying times for national meets:


  1. For each session of an event a “Meet Approval Document” will be completed listing the technical officials holding key positions at that meet.

  2. That the Referee and where appropriate Meet Director sign that sheet to confirm that the positions were filled and that all conditions on page two of the approval document were adhered to, including;

    A. That the condition around the right of a swimmer to compete has been met according to the SNZ By-Laws.

    B. That the minimum standard for number of officials was in place. Note here that the recommendation of the SNZ TAC is that all officials in the positions of Referee, Starter, Judge of Stroke and Inspector of Turns, must have a membership type of Voting Technical Official and this is current in the SNZ Database.

  3. If the event is a club event then at the conclusion of the event all of the relevant approval documents and results files are then to be submitted to the region of which the club belongs.

  4. With the regions endorsement of the results they are to forward these to Swimming New Zealand within 7 days of the conclusion of the event. These documents and results files are to be sent to amber@swimming.org.nz

  5. Swimming New Zealand will complete a spot check to ensure technical officials are financial, of the correct membership type and hold the required accreditations and then post the result on the website. SNZ will also load the Meet Approval Documents against the meet in the database for future auditing and transparency.


This approval process will take affect from the 1st of December 2014. From that date it is expected that all results are to be loaded into the SNZ results database, accompanied by the relevant approval documents that will confirm technical officials in key positions hold the voting technical official membership type in the SNZ database and are financial.

Any swim meets that do not meet the minimum standard for SNZ results approval can still be sent through to SNZ who will load the results onto the database. Unapproved results are still able to be used for club and inter-club meets.


If you have any questions regarding this new process please do not hesitate to contact info@swimming.org.nz or your local TAC representative


Meet Approval Document - Word Version

Meet Approval Document - PDF Version