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The start of something extraordinary

Avalon Intermediate makes a splash

State Kiwi Swim Safe Advisor Sarah Gibbison visited Avalon Intermediate School in Wellington. The school recently completed their swimming programme for 2013 and they consider it their most successful swimming season yet!

The school joined the State Kiwi Swim Safe programme in June which resulted in their teachers attending a professional development session and then receiving poolside support from Wellington based Gibbison.

The teachers have always taught their students to swim but since the school joined the programme they have found that their lessons run a lot smoother, and they have seen a marked improvement in the students’ progress.

Sports coordinator, Ariana Silao, is passionate about getting the students into the water and learning the basics well before moving on to more difficult skills.

“We finished our curriculum reviews and collated information in relation to swimming. Swimming was a big highlight, particularly for teachers. They all gave very positive feedback and said that the session Swimming New Zealand ran and information provided, was what was needed so they could plan and prepare better lessons.

“Students enjoyed the lifejacket sessions and we all agreed that working with SNZ made a big difference. We are looking at increasing the number of sessions we offer the students next year,” said Silao.

Gibbison thoroughly enjoyed her time at the school commenting, “The passion that the teachers at the school have for their students is very clear to see, and it was a real pleasure to be involved in the swimming programme with the school this year.”

Well done to all the students and teachers at Avalon Intermediate. Swimming New Zealand look forward to continuing to work with you in 2014.