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Membership Database Update

Thank you to everyone that has been getting onto the new database and checking and updating information for renewing and the new members that you have been adding.

Below is a quick reminder about what needs to be done before the end of the current membership year and also what the initial process will be in the new membership year prior to the full financial functionality being available.

2013/2014 Membership Year

Each club needs to ensure that their membership breakdown is correct and that their members are all in the system. Each region will receive a breakdown of each clubs membership numbers as it stands from Rebekah Erkens from SNZ  - please check this and if corrections are needed these can be made. If there are large discrepancies please let us know so we can assist with the process of renewing or adding new members.

Most of the membership data that came through from the old database didn’t have male/female, Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms titles or any contact information. We ask that you help us with the process of updating this information for your members also. The addition of an email address to a members profile will allow that member in the future to update their own information and ultimately utilise many of the exciting functions that this system has. Without an email address a login will not be able to be generated for the member.

The other important thing for clubs to update before the rollover to the new membership year is the fees associated with each membership type within each clubs profile. By going to the fees and discounts tab in your clubs profile you are able to change the annual sub for each membership type to reflect what your club charges. This annual sub (fee) will be added to the regional and nation membership fees if there are fees for that membership type when a member is renewing or becoming a member for the first time.

2014/2015 Membership Year

We now have confirmation of the renewal process for the new database. Our membership year ends on the 30th of June, which is next Monday. At that point all members in the database will become un-financial. Their membership will not lapse unless this is actioned by an administrator on the database. So if you are aware of any members that that have already left our sport or are not intending to renew their membership please lapse these members profiles from Tuesday.

That will mean that all members will remain as active, but un-financial, so you don’t need to go through the process of reinstating all of your members. For members that you have already received payment from you can edit their subscription in the individuals profile page confirming their payment and you would make the payment type cash/cheque. This will make the member both active and financial.

The final payment system in the database is still being finalised and so credit card and direct debit type payments will not be available initially with the new system. Once this is complete and live all un-financial members in the database will be encouraged to renew their membership through the online system where money received will be distributed to the relevant entities based on the membership fees that have been entered into the database for each club, region and the national body. This will coincide with the ability for people to enter meets online. At that point any un-financial members will not be able to enter any events.

When we have a final date for the new financial system going live we will set a date just prior to this to stocktake the members that have been made financial within the database and invoice accordingly. From then forward all financial payments will be processed through the database and accounted for within the system. More information will follow on this exact process early in the new membership year.

If you have swimmers swimming in July make sure you edit their profile making them financial if you have received payment from them prior to them swimming.


The final cleaning and preparing of results since 2002 is currently happening and results will be logged against all swimmers in the database in the coming days. These times will be crucial in the online entry system. If your club or region has had any significant meets that have not had results submitted to Take Your Marks over the last 12 months please contact Kent Stead so we can ensure that these results are available for swimmers in the system.


The new Swimming New Zealand website is very nearly complete and we expect to have this live early next week. The Club website system is also now available and we will be distributing more information about that before the end of next week so that clubs can start to prepare themselves to use these platforms. Regional websites will also become available in the coming weeks and further information will be distributed on this directly to regions.

Thank you to everyone for your patience and assistance. We are making great progress and look forward to the next step in the roll out of our new membership management system.