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New Zealand win in synchronised swimming team performance

The final day of the synchronised swimming at the Mayfair Pools Oceania Championships saw New Zealand claim the top two podium spots in the combination team competition.

In a close battle between the three competing teams New Zealand South took the top honours with a score of 71.233 in the event, followed by New Zealand North (71.00) and Australia (70.833).

Also in today’s session was the duet performances for the 15 under and junior (15 to 18) age groups.

The junior duet title went to the Australian pair of Jo-ann Lim and Sue-ann Lim, followed by New Zealanders Jazlee Thomas and Eva Morris and Australians Kirsten Kinash and Jenika Smith.

In the 15 and under category only two swimmers performed, both from Australia, helping to give Australia the edge to win in the gold medal count in the synchronised swimming after each country were on one a piece from yesterday’s solo performances.