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Club Websites

If you would like to see what the club websites look like please venture over to Swim Rotorua's website at rotorua.swimming.org.nz

To get one of these club websites please email info@swimming.org.nz with the following information:

Desired URL for your website

All clubs will be able to choose what web address is used for their club's site inserting their desired club name or something else within the following template:


Note that once your new site has been developed and is ready to go live any existing web address can be set to redirect to the new address automatically as is now happening with the new Swimming New Zealand website.

Website Administrator

Please indicate the name and email address of who initially will be the administrator of your website. This will allow us to set up a profile for them to start to use the website content management system.

Primary Colours

Please indicate the primary colours that you would like the website to have. Note that you will have complete control to manipulate these once you have access to the site but having these helps us in the initial creation of the website.

The club website editing manual can be found below, it contains all the necessary information for you to start editing your new club website. Any updates to the manual will be indicated by a published date next to the link.

Club Site Editing Manual

Adding a Photo Slider to the Home Page