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Awards Committee Terms of Reference

The Awards Committee:


Current Committee:


John West (Chair)
Marlene Morrison
Dianne Farmer
Lyn Sutherland
Carlrine Gillespie

  • Pursuant to Rule 13.8 of the Constitution of Swimming NZ an Awards Committee is established, subject to the functions, processes and protocols set out in these terms of reference.

  • The Awards Committee shall consist of up to 5 members appointed by the Board from among Life Members and Honours and Service Awards holders.

  • The Awards Committee members appointed under the previous Swimming NZ constitution and as at 23 October 2012 are confirmed as the initial members of the Awards Committee as defined by these Terms of Reference until the AGM in 2014.

  • Following the 2014 AGM, the member on the Awards Committee with the longest service since his or her most recent appointment or re-appointment shall retire annually at the AGM, but will be eligible for re-appointment. If two or more members have equal length of service since their most recent appointment, the member retiring shall be determined by mutual agreement among such members, or, failing agreement, by lot.

  • The object of the Awards Committee is to make recommendations to the Swimming NZ Board on nominations received for any Swimming NZ Life Membership, Honours or Service Awards (“Swimming NZ Awards”)

  • The Board will ratify the Awards Committee’s recommendations prior to presentation of any Swimming NZ Awards. Should the Board be of a mind not to ratify any recommendation of the Awards Committee, the Chair of the Board will consult with the Chair of the Awards Committee before the Board makes its final decision.

  • The presentation of a Life Membership is a rare and prestigious event and should be celebrated at the most appropriate occasion where the recipient’s peers, friends and colleagues, and the wider swimming community, can be present. The Swimming NZ Annual Awards ceremony would generally be the most appropriate occasion, but an AGM or alternative event may also be used if there is no annual awards ceremony in a particular year

  • Honours or Service Awards will be presented at an AGM.

  • If the recipient of an Honours or Service Award is not present at the AGM then their award will be presented to the recipient’s regional representative and the region will take responsibility to then present the award to the recipient at a suitable occasion.

  • All nominations for Swimming NZ awards must be lodged with the CEO of Swimming NZ for submission to the Awards Committee no later than 30 June in each year.

  • Nominations may be made by a Regional Association, a Club, or a member and, using the appropriate nomination forms, shall set out the background of the nominee in support of such nomination.

  • Swimming NZ Awards are to recognise service to swimming over all levels. Service to club and region should be recognised at those levels.
  • The criteria for Awards are:

- Service Award: active service of an outstanding nature to the sport for a period of not less than twelve  years.    The Awards Committee may consider a lesser period where service has been of an exceptional nature at a national level.

- Honours Award: for a period of ten years’ service following receipt of a Service Award, providing the person has continued to provide a continuation of outstanding service to the sport. The Awards Committee may consider a lesser period for exceptional service.

- Life Membership: the highest award Swimming NZ can bestow on an individual for service to the sport. Criteria for Life Membership include, but are not limited to consistency of initiative beyond the ordinary and normal and exceptional service to the sport over an extended period of an outstanding nature especially at the national level. Long service in itself is not a qualification for the award

  • The Awards Committee shall:

- Receive and consider all nominations for Swimming NZ awards.

- Consider a person for an award on its own nomination.

- Keep confidential all nominations received for Swimming NZ awards and any representations in support of those nominations except as required by the Board.

- Strictly guard the status of all awards.