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Conditions of Membership

1. General conditions of membership

1.1 - By entering your details into this website and paying your membership fee, you are making applications for membership of Swimming New Zealand, the regional association to which your swimming club belongs and the swimming club declared by you in the online application form. Acceptance of your applications for membership is subject to the rules relating to each of those organisations.

1.2 - By applying for membership of Swimming New Zealand, your club’s Regional Association, and your swimming club, you agree to abide by the constitutions of those organisations and the rules, regulations, bylaws or other decisions made under those constitutions.

1.3 - Where a parent or guardian applies for membership on behalf of someone under the age 18, the parent / guardian also agrees to abide by these conditions of membership until that person reaches the age of 18 or ceases his/her membership of Swimming New Zealand.

1.4 - A copy of the current Swimming New Zealand constitution and the rules, regulations, bylaws and decisions made under it can be found in the legal and governance section on this website. Please refer to your swimming club’s website and / or your regional association’s website for their constitutions and rules.



2. Risk of injury

2.1 - You acknowledge that swimming involves an inherent risk of injury and agree that by participating in the sport (whether competitively or on a recreational basis) you personally assume that risk and release Swimming New Zealand, your regional association and your swimming club from any liability, claims, losses, damages or expenses caused by or arising out of or in connection with your participation with the sport except where it arises from their negligence.

2.2 - By applying for membership through this website you confirm that you are medically capable of participating in the sport at the level which you choose.

2.3 - You agree to:

(a) Notify Swimming New Zealand, your Regional Association or your swimming club of any matter which may affect your ability to participate in the sport safely;

(b) Notify the appropriate person of any hazard or potential hazard of which you may become aware which affects your ability to participate in the sport safely;

(c) Take reasonable care when participating in the sport;

(d) Following any instructions given to you for the purpose of ensuring your safety whilst participating in the sport.



3. Membership personal

3.1 - You agree that your memberships of Swimming New Zealand, your regional association and your swimming club are personal to you and cannot be transferred to any other individual or organisation.

3.2 - Notwithstanding the above, you agree that your successors, executors, administrators or next of kin are bound by the provisions of these terms of membership.