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Ocean Swim Series

The New Zealand Ocean Swim Series has grown over the years to the current portfolio of seven equally outstanding events, showcasing some of our most unique and stunning beaches and waterfronts. With the aim of promoting fitness and health through ocean swimming, the events offer a range achievable distances on the day – presenting opportunities for almost all ages and abilities to take part (exception of the Harbour Crossing which consists of the one 2.9km iconic swim across Auckland’s Harbour).

New Zealand has some of the most beautiful beach and waterfronts in the world and we want to encourage everyone to take advantage of our greatest natural resource.

Swimming is invigorating, fun, and extremely good for the mind, body and soul. Take your pick – the New Zealand Ocean Swim Series provides an excellent stage to set yourself challenges and achieve your goals. Whether you are training for a triathlon, wanting to get into open water swimming, looking for added motivation to maintain your fitness or simply enjoy swimming, the New Zealand Ocean Swim Series is for you.

Date and locations 2017/2018


More information at – www.oceanswim.co.nz