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PR 61 - 'Swimming for All' programme: FINA and leading international organisations establish partnership

Barcelona (ESP), August 4, 2013 - FINA has met in Barcelona (ESP) with representatives of United Nations, UNICEF, UNESCO and IOC in order to establish a common platform for the development of a worldwide “Swimming for All” programme.

This initiative is aimed at preventing and reducing the number of casualties due to drowning around the world and, at the same, at promoting the improvement of the level of physical activity among younger generations. Within the number of yearly deaths caused by accident, drowning occupies the second position in this category.

“By promoting Swimming, we are not only saving lives – many lives! -, but we are also giving a better life to many millions of people in the five continents. Sport in general, and Swimming in particular, have an essential value and importance, and can be practised at any age and at by everyone. But FINA cannot act alone. We need a multidisciplinary approach and that’s why we have invited these prestigious worldwide organisations to help us in this important cause”, considered FINA President Dr. Julio C. Maglione.

Participants in this meeting included Mr. Wilfried Lemke, UN Special Adviser on Sport for the Development and Peace; Ms. Susan Bissell, Chief of Child Protection, Programme Division, UNICEF; Ms. Nancy McLennan, Assistant Programme Specialist Sector for Social and Human Sciences, UNESCO; and Mr. Sam Ramsamy, IOC Member and FINA Vice President.