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PR 100 – SWC 2015: Great finale in Dubai!

Katinka Hosszu (HUN) and Cameron van der Burgh (RSA) are the winners of the 2015 edition of FINA/airweave Swimming World Cup after the conclusion of the eighth leg of the competition, organised in Dubai (UAE) on November 6-7. At the end of the series, the Magyar star collected 669 points, while the South African star led the overall ranking with 369 points. This is the fourth consecutive win for Hosszu, the best of the World Cup since 2012, while Van der Burgh had already won in 2008 and 2009. For their victories, they will receive the top prize money of US$ 100,000 each.

In the men’s classification, the top-3 of the FINA/airweave Swimming World Cup 2015 included in the second position Chad Le Clos (RSA, 180 points) and in third Mitch Larkin (AUS, 174 points). Among women, Emily Seebohm (AUS) finished behind Hosszu with 441 points, while Zsuzsanna Jakabos, also from Hungary, took the third place with 201 points. The prize money for the second and third placings for both genders is of US$ 50,000 and of US$ 30,000 respectively.

In Dubai, at the Hamdan Sports Complex, both Hosszu and Van der Burgh had a successful meet. The Magyar star collected eight medals, including three gold in the 200m free, 200m and 400m IM, while the South African champion was the best in his pet events – 50m and 100m breaststroke.

Other winners in multiple events were James Guy (GBR, 200m and 400m free), Mitch Larkin (100m and 200m backstroke), and Chad Le Clos (50m and 100m butterfly). In the women’s field, Melanie Wright (AUS) was the “queen” of the sprint (50m and 100m free), Lauren Boyle (NZL) won the 400m and 800m free, Emily Seebohm was the fastest in backstroke (50m, 100m and 200m), Alia Atkinson (JAM) collected gold in the 50m and 100m breaststroke, and Felicia Lee (USA) was the best in butterfly (50m and 100m).

Around 450 swimmers from 56 National Federations took part in this last leg of the 2015 FINA/airweave Swimming World Cup, a competition that registered an important novelty this year: all the meets were held in 50m-pool and were qualifying events for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. The event was attended by FINA President Dr. Julio C. Maglione, who handled the symbolic cheques of US$ 100,000 to the winners of this year's edition.

Winners in Dubai (UAE):

50m free: Men - Bruno Fratus (BRA), 22.05; Women - Melanie Wright (AUS), 24.72

100m free: Men - Jeremy Stravius (FRA), 48.34; Women -€“ Melanie Wright (AUS), 53.79
200m free: Men - James Guy (GBR), 1:46.60; Women -€“ Katinka Hosszu (HUN), 1:55.41
400m free: Men - James Guy (GBR), 3:46.91; Women -“ Lauren Boyle (NZL), 4:04.26
800m free: Women - Lauren Boyle (NZL), 8:25.96
1500m free: Men - Jan Micka (CZE), 15:02.08
50m back: Men - David Plummer (USA), 24.64; Women - Emily Seebohm (AUS), 27.57
100m back: Men -€“ Mitch Larkin (AUS), 52.11; Women -€“ Emily Seebohm (AUS), 58.51
200m back: Men - Mitch Larkin (AUS), 1:53.17; Women -€“ Emily Seebohm (AUS), 2:06.94
50m breast: Men - Cameron van der Burgh (RSA), 26.77; Women - €“Alia Atkinson (JAM), 30.26
100m breast: Men - Cameron van der Burgh (RSA), 59.05; Women -€“ Alia Atkinson (JAM), 1:05.93
200m breast: Men - Daniel Gyurta (HUN), 2:10.43; Women -€“ Viktoria Gunes (TUR), 2:22.87
50m fly: Men - Chad Le Clos (RSA), 23.31; Women - Felicia Lee (USA), 26.69
100m fly: Men - Chad Le Clos (RSA), 51.09; Women - Felicia Lee (USA)€“, 58.57
200m fly: Men - Viktor Bromer (DEN), 1:55.98; Women -€“ Zsuzsanna Jakabos (HUN), 2:07.77
200m IM: Men - Keita Sunama (JPN), 2:00.72; Women -€“ Katinka Hosszu (HUN), 2:08.61
400m IM: Men - David Verraszto (HUN), 4:16.71; Women -“ Katinka Hosszu (HUN), 4:33.88

The top-3 athletes with more points in Dubai were:


1. Mitch Larkin (AUS), 57 points
2. Chad Le Clos (RSA), 51 pts
3. Cameron van der Burgh (RSA), 42 pts


1. Katinka Hosszu (HUN), 99 points
2. Emily Seebohm (AUS), 60 pts
3. Alia Atkinson (JAM), 42 pts



1. Cameron van der Burgh (RSA), 369 points - US$ 100,000    
2. Chad Le Clos (RSA), 180 pts - US$ 50,000
3. Mitch Larkin (AUS), 174 pts - US$ 30,000


1. Katinka Hosszu (HUN), 669 points - US$ 100,000  
2. Emily Seebohm (AUS), 441 pts - US$ 50,000
3. Zsuzsanna Jakabos (HUN), 201 pts - US$ 30,000

2015 FINA/airweave Swimming World Cup Calendar (completed):

August 11-12 - Moscow (RUS)
August 15-16 - Paris-Chartres (FRA)
September 25-26 - Hong Kong (HKG)
September 29-30 - Beijing (CHN)
October 3-4 - Singapore (SIN)
October 28-29 - Tokyo (JPN)
November 2-3 - Doha (QAT)
November 6-7 - Dubai (UAE)