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Swimming Stars Perform at NSW Metro Swim Championships

Paralympics New Zealand is thrilled with the results of the team at the NSW Metropolitan Swim Championships. The team took away a huge haul of 7 gold medals and 4 World Records, plus many personal bests. This event combined with a 10 day training camp on the Sunshine Coast, has been a great hit out for the team who will be contesting the World Championships in Montreal in early August.

Star performers included Mary Fisher – winning 4 gold medals and setting 3 world records.  Her fellow team mate Daniel Sharp had an outstanding meet winning 3 gold medals and setting a world record.  Great results were also achieved by newcomer Jesse Reynolds. At just 16 years of age Jesse gained invaluable experience from this event, taking 9 seconds off his personal best in the 400m Freestyle.

Jon Shaw (Head Performance Swim Coach, PNZ) said, “This was a fantastic result for NZ Para-swimming and assures us we are on track for strong swims in Montreal at the World Championships,” he continued, “a huge congratulations must go to coaches Craig Albery and Simon Mayne who  worked the team hard to achieve these results.”

World records and Personal bests (PB) detailed below:

Mary Fisher
Gold and WR   50m Backstroke S11
Gold and WR  50m Freestyle S11
Gold and WR  50m Butterlfy S11 
Gold and PB  50m Breaststroke S11
PB   100m Breaststroke S11

Daniel Sharp
Gold and WR  50m Breaststroke S13
Gold   50m Freestyle S13
Gold    50m Butterfly S13
PB   100m Breaststroke S13  

Nikita Howarth
PB   50m Breaststroke S7
PB   50m Backstroke S7
Cameron Leslie
PB   50m Breaststroke S5
PB   50m Butterfly S5

Daniel Holt
PB    50m Butterfly S13

Jesse Reynolds
PB   50m Butterfly S9
PB    50m Backstroke S9
PB   400m Freestyle S9