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The start of something extraordinary

Neptune Swim Club help their swimmers become swim teachers

Neptune Swim Club, Dunedin has given some of their top swimmers the opportunity to become swim teachers; gain a national qualification and NCEA credits.

On the first Monday of the school holidays the swimmers of the Neptune Swim Club were at Moana Pool Dunedin attending the Swimming New Zealand Swim Teacher Award Course.

It was an interactive day of learning foundation aquatic skills, effective communication, how people learn, water safety and how to teach these skills to children from five years old and up.

All swimmers enjoyed the day especially the water sessions with comments such as "do we have to hop out, I want to try the polar ice game" and "can we play kick of war again?"

The participants are really looking forward to putting their new skills into practice by volunteering a minimum of 20 hours each and helping out the Neptune Swim Club’s learn to swim programme.

All of the volunteers are still high school students and were thrilled to hear that upon completion of this qualification they will receive the Swimming New Zealand Swim Teacher Award and the National Certificate in Sport & Recreation Aquatics (Swim Education) which consists of 43 Level 3 credits that can go towards NCEA.

If your club would like to provide the same opportunity for your volunteers please contact your nearest Education Advisor.