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Next Generation Coaches

'Next Generation Coaches will work with the SNZ Coaching Director, Donna Bouzaid to focus on professional development and developing them as the next generation of carded coaches'

Information and the Application for 2016 Next Generation Coaches (PDF)

In May 2016 at the NSCAT Conference in Rotorua information was made available to coaches about the new “Next Generation Coach” Support programme. This programme aims to build a pool of coaches over the next four years who aspire to be either the next national head coach or coaching national pinnacle teams.   Ten Coaches applied of which the following 8 have been selected;

2016 - 2017 Swimming NZ Next Generation Coaches

John Gatfield

Carl Gordon

Steven Kent

Alastair Johnson

Graeme Laing

Matthew Teokotai White

Stan Teokotai White

Aimee Woodhead