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PR 84 - SWC 2013: FINA statement on the Dubai (UAE) and Doha (QAT) meets

Lausanne (SUI), October 23, 2013 – Following the recent incidents with the delegation of Israel at the FINA Swimming World Cup meets in Dubai (UAE, October 17-18) and in Doha (QAT, October 20-21), FINA would like to clarify that:

1. Prior to the above mentioned competitions, FINA took all the necessary steps, in co-operation with our member National Federations in UAE and Qatar, to ensure the delivery of visas and participation of the Israeli delegation in Dubai and Doha meets. Moreover, FINA also ensured that optimal conditions were provided in terms of hospitality, accommodation, meals, transportation and security. This has been highly appreciated by the Israeli national team;

2. Both in Dubai and Doha, FINA immediately reacted in accordance with its rules. In UAE, the incidents of the first day were not repeated in the following sessions, while in Doha FINA was only informed on these occurrences 15 minutes prior to the end of the second day finals’ session. Once more, FINA promptly reacted and the medal ceremony involving one athlete from Israel and the end of the session respected all the FINA rules;

3. Finally, FINA gave a warning to the Organisers of the two FINA Swimming World Cup meets and recalled them that the FINA rules must be equally applied by all FINA National Federations. Moreover, FINA guarantees that all steps will be taken in the future for such acts not to occur again, namely in the 2014 edition of the FINA Swimming World Cup in Dubai and Doha, and during the 12th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m), taking place in Doha from December 3-7, 2014.