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Swimming New Zealand AGM

To Chairs of Regions, Regional Associations, Life Members, SNZ Board & Staff

As per the Swimming New Zealand Constitution Clause 16.3, please find attached Notice of the Agenda and documents relating to items of business for the Swimming New Zealand AGM on Sunday 29th September 2013 commencing at 1.15pm at the Brentwood Hotel, Wellington.

Documents attached:

1. Agenda for AGM
2. Minutes of the 2012 Swimming New Zealand AGM
3. Annual Report including Financial Statements

Please note that under Rule 15.3 – Item of General Business, Swimming New Zealand received no notification of any Items of Business as at Friday 6th September 2013.

All Regional Associations are able to have two delegates attend the AGM, however Regional Associations must advise Swimming New Zealand (mark@swimmingnz.org.nz) by 5.00pm Monday 23rd September 2013, the name of the authorised Regional Voting Delegate.

In addition to the Swimming New Zealand AGM, The New Zealand Swimming Trust is holding a General Meeting of the Trust immediately prior to the Annual General Meeting of Swimming New Zealand. It is expected that this meeting will take about half an hour and will commence at 12-15pm. The Notice of that meeting is also attached here.