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Swimming New Zealand Board Elections

The Swimming New Zealand Independent Appointments Panel received a total of 11 applications for appointment and/or election to the Board of Swimming New Zealand and has interviewed a very strong pool of candidates.  The Panel is now in a position to put forward its recommended two candidates for election to the Board by the Regional Associations. 

In identifying the candidate for election, the Panel took into account a range of factors including: prior governance experience and competence; knowledge and experience of competitive swimming or other sport; knowledge of community based programmes; occupational skills, abilities and experience; awareness of conflicts of interest; and overall capability to fill areas of Board competency to add value to Swimming New Zealand.  Overall, the Panel was seeking to put together a team of people with complementary skills and attributes and who will work well together as a Board for the good of swimming in New Zealand.

The Panel was required to put forward no more candidates for election than the number of vacancies.  There are currently two vacancies for elected Board member, so the Panel has put forward the following candidates:
    (a)    Ian Giles Hunt
    (b)    Elsie Margaret McKee

For information about the candidates - click here

Regional Associations are able to cast their votes for the candidates in accordance with the process outlined in the SNZ constitution.  A candidate will be successful if at least 50% of the votes cast in respect of that candidate are in favour of his or her election. 

After voting for the elected member is completed, the SNZAP then appoints to the Board one applicant from its shortlist.  This applicant cannot have been an unsuccessful candidate for election to the Board.

Voting by the Regional Associations closes at 12.00noon Friday, 6th September 2013.