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The start of something extraordinary

Koru the Kiwi swims into Corinna School

Koru the kiwi, Sarah Gibbison from Swimming New Zealand and Darrel Vickers from State Insurance were treated to an assembly where 250 students of the school lifted the roof with a very warm welcome and some beautiful singing.

The students have recently finished their swimming for the year, and enjoyed swimming as part of the Kiwisport initiative at Cannons Creek Pool. The children thoroughly enjoyed their swimming, some children who showed a positive attitude towards swimming were chosen by their teachers to come up to Koru and Darrell to receive a State Kiwi Swim Safe sticker and wristband for their fine efforts.

It is fantastic to see teachers that are so passionate about their students learning, and to see the outcome of really positive attitudes towards swimming is just amazing! Well done Corinna School for another excellent swimming season. We look forward to working with you again next year.

Thank you to Kiwisport and State Insurance for continuing to develop the swimming abilities of our young people in, on and around the water.