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The start of something extraordinary

Glenavon School embrace State Kiwi Swim Safe programme

Glenavon Primary is a truly multi-cultural school in West Auckland. It has a strong focus on academic excellence and a culture of achievement, leading its students towards leadership and taking on responsibilities.

Pursuing this culture of success in school leads to employment later, and 75% of Glenavon School students are achieving above national standards, says proud Principal Elaine Herbert.

On top of that, students at the school are also achieving some very good results in sports, and soon to be swimming.Principal Elaine Herbert was only two years into her role at Glenavon School when one of the school’s former pupils drowned at Piha Beach.

Since then she has been acutely aware of the need for quality Swim and Survive education for all school age children. The opportunity for Glenavon arrived early in 2013 in the shape of the State Kiwi Swim Safe programme.

While the school has a small but well maintained pool, ideal for junior and middle school students, the need for a larger pool in which to run Swim and Survive sessions for the year seven and eight students is needed.

The school is working closely with Swimming New Zealand and West Wave Aquatic Centre to make the most of the free pool entry for children 16 yrs and under.

This initiative enables their senior pupils to have some intensive water safety and swimming sessions during term four.

We look forward to keeping an eye on Glenavon's progress through the State Kiwi Swim Safe programme.