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The start of something extraordinary

Community effort with committed teachers and parents

Early this year Chris Morgan ran a professional development workshop for teachers in South Otago. All the teachers from Warepa School (a school with just over 50 students, south of Balclutha) attended and were keen to learn and actively participated on the day.

Last week they had their swimming lessons at Balclutha pool. Prior to this their Principal Sue Adcock asked Chris to come and talk to the parents that were going to help with the lessons. 

Not only did 6 or 7 keen parents turn up but all the teachers attended again too. All the participants were very keen as seen by the photo below of teacher Kaz Barrett, who kindly assisted with demonstrating how to put on a swimming cap and goggles.

At poolside the parents and teachers were all provided with laminated copies of pages from the State Kiwi Swim Safe manual.

The lessons went really well and the children all enjoy themselves. A lot of children came prepared with caps and goggles and some were very excited to get their new State Kiwi Swim Safe caps and goggles.

Congratulations to Warepa School who received their State Kiwi Swim Safe School certificate.