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The start of something extraordinary

Linden School’s special visit from Koru the Kiwi

Linden School has recently become a State Kiwi Swim Safe school and they are all set to go with their lessons due to begin in early term 3.

The State Kiwi Swim Safe student achievement certificates were shown to the children, and they were very popular with the children smiling and clapping when they were told they would each receive one to mark off their swimming achievements.  

Blake Bell from State Insurance was at the school to present them with their school certificate, which was gratefully received by a teacher and a student, before they had their photo taken with Blake and Koru.

This was Blake’s first experience with the State Kiwi Swim Safe programme and he “did not expect the hype” that he saw when the kids were introduced to Koru.

With a genuine touch, the students all thanked Blake and State Insurance for their sponsorship of the programme with a big loud “thank you Blake” and lots of clapping.

“This was really nice to see, as the students are developing an understanding of where the money and support to make this programme possible comes from” Sarah from Swimming New Zealand said.  

Thank you to Linden School for being such gracious hosts – we really enjoyed visiting your lovely little school and we look forward to seeing you all at the pool in term 3.

Thank you also to Blake from State Insurance for coming along to see the programme in action. We are sure you had a great time, and we look forward to continuing to work with you again in the future.