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The start of something extraordinary

Koru visits Mountview Primary School

Koru hadn't been to Mountview Primary before and was greeted with a warm and friendly environment and loads of smiles.

Fiona Hurley (Swim Safe Advisor) was on hand to introduce the shy kiwi to the students and teachers. 

Koru was fortunate enough to receive loads of hugs from the students who then showed Fiona how clever they are when it came to basic swim and survival questions.  

Some of the children at the school swum during term 1 with AC Baths Swim Academy (our Quality Swim School of the year) and were learning some lifesaving skills with the team of instructors.  

In a few weeks more classes they will also have the opportunity to develop and enhance their swimming skills.  

Fiona will be back in Taupo working on poolside with the teachers and students of Mountview Primary School in the upcoming weeks and is excited to see the fantastic progress the children are making.  

Koru really enjoyed his visit to Mountview, and even though it’s a long walk back to Napier for the cute Kiwi there was no better way to start off a Monday morning than with a special visit and presentation with the school.