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The start of something extraordinary

Glenholme School Triathalon

Wheels, swim and run was the description for the Totara teams triathalon at Glenholme School in Rotorua.

Everyone on the day took part, including people that brought their scooters to wheel around the field with their bicycle counterparts.    

The triathlon was a great way to link swim safety and cycle safety lessons that have had a large presence at the school in term 1.   

This is a great way of showing the children that once you know how to swim and be safer around the water you can do so much more. 

Learning to swim can broaden the horizon for both sports and recreation as was seen at the triathlon.  During the swim the children got to choose whether they would swim 2 or 4 lengths. Most chose to do 4 lengths with one student swimming 6.

Glenholme School has been on board with the State Kiwi Swim Safe programme since it began in 2010. Glenholme are 110% behind swimming, the children get to swim every day, week on and week off. 

They have shown so much improvement and have also participated in the Unison Lake Safety programme at the Rotorua Aquatic Centre.   

The Totara team is comprised of year 5 & 6 students with a few year 4’s.  They are led by an exceptional team of teachers and teacher aides. 

The teachers and Erin Fowler (Swim Safe Advisor) each chose a person that they thought upheld the school motto of go for it, through respect, responsibility, honesty and pride. Those students were awarded with a towel from State Insurance.