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Flagstaff altitude training camp –Week 4

In the final week of the Flagstaff altitude training camp swimmers had Monday off where some relaxed with massages before heading out to Sedona where they hiked up Cathedral Rock and explored the city.

Everyone really enjoyed the region and Steve utilised the time during the hike to find a new system for increased ventilation.

Wednesday and Thursday were the two big days of the camp with a racing simulation set up by David. The heats took place on Wednesday morning and were in the short course pool while the semi-finals, held that evening, were in the long course pool.

Swimmers viewed a video of themselves between the competition sessions so that changes could be made to assist with improved performances.

The finals session was a chance for the swimmers to practice their race warm up prior to their scheduled race time. They were required to report to the marshalling area two events prior to theirs and all turned up in their race suits.

The times that the swimmers achieved were very encouraging for some fast swimming at the New Zealand Open Championships coming up in April.

Saturday evening was the last swimming session for the group and took place slightly earlier than normal so the team could have a meal together. They managed to work their way through 10 full racks of ribs for the main course followed by a birthday cake for Dylan for dessert.

The team all enjoyed their altitude training experience in Flagstaff but are also looking forward to returning home. They were able to do some great training over the past four weeks as well as meet some Japanese swimmers who are also looking to qualify for the Pan Pacific’s later this year.

Jodi Cossor
Swimming Biomechanist - HPSNZ