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Latest database developments

A number of developments have been completed with the new database in the last week.

There are now 630 events since the beginning of 2013 loaded in the database with these meets being the primary ones that are used for the qualification to new events. Other meets will continue to be added over the coming months.

Almost everything is now in place for the entry process for meets to be able to take place through the new database, however there is not going to be suitable time to complete testing prior to the New Zealand Short Course and New Zealand Secondary Schools Championships so the entry forms normally used for these meets will remain in place for this year’s events. Forms can be found on the Swimming New Zealand website here.

A couple of functionalities have also been added to the database this week that will link in with the new Swimming New Zealand website for people to be able to ‘Find a Club’.

On the new website people will be able to enter the name of their town or city and seek to find all clubs within a certain distance of that centre.