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NZOC Seeking Board Members

The NZOC Constitution provides the framework for recruiting Board members. This year one position is available on the NZOC Board, therefore the NZOC is calling for nominations from Members, as has previously occurred, as well as seeking applications from the public. Public advertising will occur over the weekend 15-16 February 2014.

All relevant documentation for the application process including a copy of the advertisment, Nomination Form, Application Form and Board Members Position Description is available on the NZOC website http://www.olympic.org.nz/nzoc/nzoc-job-vacancies.

Both applications and nominations must be received by the NZOC by 5:00 pm on Friday 7 March 2014.    FYI the vacancy has arisen due to the rotation process of Board Members, incumbent Board Member Rob Hamilton was determined by “lot” to retire at the 2014 General Assembly. He will be seeking re-election.

The Constitution called for a Board Appointment Paned and Mike Stanley (Board Representative), Sir John Wells (Member Representative) and Jane Huria (Independent Board Appointee have been confirmed to fulfil this function for 2014.  They will assess the applications and nominations and make recommendations to the Membership in early April.  Voting on candidates will take place at the General Assembly.

Whilst nominations can be made direct to the NZOC under the public application process, those Regions who may be interested in nominating a person/s to the Board of the NZOC should contact Christian Renford christian@swimmingnz.org.nz to ensure that they have the support / endorsement from Swimming New Zealand and Aquatics New Zealand.