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PR 72- SWC 2016: Morozov (RUS) and Hosszu (HUN) lead after first leg

Vladimir Morozov of Russia and Katinka Hosszu of Hungary have taken the lead of the FINA/airweave Swiming World Cup 2016 after the first leg, held in Paris-Chartres from August 26-27.

With three gold medals, as well as a new World Record in the 100m IM, Morozov counts 86 points, while the Magyar star accumulated 129 points already thank to her incredible 11 medals (7 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze).

Other multiple winners over the two-day competition were Philip Heintz (GER), Cameron Van der Burgh (RSA, Chad Le Clos (RSA), Jeanette Ottesen (DEN), Franziska Hentke (GER) and Alia Atkinson (JAM) who tied her own World Record.

Both mixed relay events were won by the French team for the biggest pleasure of the supporter-packed l'Odyssee swimming pool.

The FINA/airweave Swimming World Cup 2016 resumes on August 30 in Berlin (GER) for the second leg of the circuit, with approximately a hundred swimmers registered.

Winners in Paris-Chartres (FRA):

50m free: Men – Vladimir Morozov (RUS) 20.81; Women – Jeanette Ottesen (DEN) 23.72

100m free: Men – Vladimir Morzov (RUS) 45.57; Women – Jeanette Ottesen (DEN) 51.84
200m free: Men – Philip Heintz (GER) 1:43.13; Women – Katinka Hosszu (HUN) 1:53.34
400m free: Men – Jordan Pothain (FRA) 3.40.56; Women – Katinka Hosszu (HUN) 4:02.83
800m free: Women – Franziska Hentke (GER) 8:24.66
1500m free: Men – Jan Micka (CZE) 14:56.21
50m back: Men – Jeremy Stravius (FRA) 22.85; Women – Emily Seebohm (AUS) 26.15
100m back: Men – Bobby Hurley (AUS) 50.51; Women – Katinka Hosszu (HUN) 55.93
200m back: Men – Mitch Larkin (AUS) 1:50.10; Women – Daryna Zevina (UKR) 1:59.35
50m breast: Men – Cameron Van der Burgh (RSA) 25.98; Women – Alia Atkinson (JAM) 29.25
100m breast: Men – Cameron Van der Burgh (RSA) 56.42; Women – Alia Atkinson (JAM) 1:02.36
200m breast: Men – Cameron Van der Burgh (RSA) 2:05.12; Women – Rie Kaneto (JPN) 2:16.99
50m fly: Men - Chad Le Clos (RSA) 22.17; Women - Jeanette Ottesen (DEN) 25.09
100m fly: Men– Chad Le Clos (RS) 49.05; Women – Katinka Hosszu (HUN) 56.09
200m fly: Men – Chad Le Clos (RSA) 1:51.25; Women – Franziska Hentke (GER) 2:05.16
100m IM: Men - Vladimir Morzov (RUS) 50.60WR; Women - Katinka Hosszu (HUN) 57.63
200m IM: Men – Philip Heintz (GER) 1:52.03; Women – Katinka Hosszu (HUN) 2:06.64
400m IM: Men – Philip Heintz (GER) 4:03.51; Women – Katinka Hosszu (HUN) 4:36.85
Mixed relay 4x50m medley: France 1:39.46

Mixed relay 4x50m free: France 1:30.74

2016 World Cup leaders so far:


1. MOROZOV Vladimir (RUS) 86
2. LE CLOS Chad (RSA) 60
3. HEINTZ Philip (GER) 54


1. HOSSZU Katinka (HUN) 129
2. ATKINSON Alia (JAM) 76
3. OTTESEN Jeanette (DEN) 45