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2017 Pool and Open Water Selection Criteria

 ** The World Championships 2017 Criteria was amended 2nd March in the 'Notes' section of the criteria. 


The 2017 Commonwealth Youth Games 

Athlete Long List and background information


2017 Selection Criteria Information

National Head Coach Jerry Olszewski has reviewed the International event plan for 2017-2020 and in alignment with his clear philosophy set the direction for 2017 and beyond.  

The Philosophy

Given our starting point, Jerry identifies the importance of building team New Zealand. His vision for the programme is to promote;

  •             Working in partnership towards a common goal;
  •             Competing out of one’s comfort zone
  •             Incorporating the correct training cycles for the best possible results.

Points to note

2017 FINA World Junior Champs – to be withdrawn. The Commonwealth Youth games will be the pinnacle event for are youth swimmers next year.  Jerry would like to declutter the international calendar for youth. In comparison to the FINA World Juniors, the Commonwealth Youth Games provides the opportunity for a large team to compete in a multi games competition thus giving experience in relays and complex games environments.   

Relays: clause added into selection criteria

In building a team we are looking at selecting relay teams going through to 2020 with the possibility by 2019 World Champs we will have a team or teams capable of qualifying and being competitive (Top 8 in Tokyo).

With this in mind the decision has been that all swimmers on teams will be expected to compete in relay teams.