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2017 Legends Relay

Saturday 11th February
Sir Owen G Glenn National Aquatic Centre, Auckland

The Swimming New Zealand Legends Relay was again held in 2017
 with some of New Zealand’s past swimming greats once again coming together to raise funds for a great cause.

The Legends Relay was teams go head to head in the pool in a bid to raise funds for the New Zealand Swimming Alumni.

The 2017 event rasied over $18,000 for the New Zealand Swimming Alumni, which assists swimmers who have the potential to represent their country.


2017 Legends Relay Results

1. Team Northern Arena - 2:49.86
2. Team Links Modular - 2:52.10
3. Team Galloway - 2:52.75
4. Team Anne Duncan Real Estate - 2:54.59
5. Team Absolute Insurance - 2:56.97
6. Team PitaPit - 2:58.69
7. Team Panasonic - 2:59.20
8. Team Bray-Burrow Family - 3:06.02


The 2017 Legends Relay teams are:

Team Northern Arena

Dean Kent (C)
Steven Kent
John Gatfield
Bob Voss
Scott Rice
Samantha Lucie-Smith

Team Links Modular

Mark Saunders (C)
Steve Ferguson
Sarah Thomas
Cameron Gibson
Brett Sanford
Jon Bridges

Team Absolute Insurance

Ian Jones (C)
Liz van Welie

Helen Lesslie
Hannah McLean
Sarah Catherwood
Melissa Ingram

Team Panasonic

Alex Baumann (C)
Toni Bayliffe
Marty McDowell
Ross Anderson
Anna Jackson
Gary Hurring

Team Anne Duncan Real Estate

Ayla Dunlop-Barrett (C)
Dylan Dunlop-Barrett
Byron Reid
Jo Craddock
Andrew McMillan
Cameron Stanley

Team Pita Pit

Travis Mitchell (C)
Hugh Roberts
Adam Jackson
Tim Fitzsimmons
Danny Morrison
Laura Quilter

Team Bray-Burrow Family 

Trent Bray (C)
Sandra Bray
Lee Burrow
Ian Burrow
Tim Bowen
Davin Bray

Team Galloway

Moss Burmester (C)
Michael Jack
Carl O'Donnell 
Casey Glover
Alannah Jury
Samantha Hayes-Stevenson