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Swimming New Zealand Inaugural Appointments Panel announcement

Swimming New Zealand is pleased to announce that Horst Miehe (Counties Manukau) and Simon Perry (Waikato) have been elected to the Swimming New Zealand Inaugural Appointments Panel.

Both Horst and Simon bring to the IAP a considerable knowledge of the sport of swimming and business acumen. They will be joined on the IAP by Chris Moller (Chair) and Sir John Anderson.

Now that the IAP has been formed, it will run the Board appointment and election process. The first step is to appoint a Board Chair. Once appointed, the Board Chair will join the IAP, bringing it up to a full complement of 5 members.

The 5 member IAP will then continue with the process of appointing and electing the remaining Board members.

Swimming New Zealand would like to thank the Regional Associations for their support during this process and both Mark Berge (Wellington) and Wayne Rollinson (Canterbury / West Coast) for placing their names forward for consideration.