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The start of something extraordinary

Clive School prepares for their School Camp

Clive School in Napier will be hopping November brings along some great weather. The school's Year 5 & 6 students will be heading on their school camp near the Mohaka River in Hawkes Bay. As part of their preparation they have been working with Swim Safe Advisor Fiona Hurley through a series of water safety and survival sessions.

Fiona and their school teachers covered swimming and survival skills on dry-land including how to fit a lifejacket, H.E.L.P & group huddles. They also taught the student's about hypothermia and negotiating local aquatic environments including rivers & beaches. The students traveled to Clive Memorial Pool where they practiced treading water, swimming in clothes, survival strokes and sculling.

It was amazing to see the children really respond to the sessions and they were feeling more confident as each session progressed. We wish them all the best with their school camp and know they will be putting into practice some of the skills they have learnt with help from the State Kiwi Swim Safe programme.