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The start of something extraordinary

Water Safety hits Porirua East School

Porirua East School in Wellington who are a State Kiwi Swim Safe school, recently participated in a lifejacket water session as part of their swimming lessons at Dash Swim School in Porirua. With a roll of 150 students, ranging from year 1 to year 8, the students had the opportunity to try on a lifejacket and experience the effect of the lifejacket in the water.
Many of the students had never worn a lifejacket before, and did not know how to put them on, or understand how they worked in the water. There were smiles and squeals of excitement from the students as they carefully climbed into the water and felt the floatation that the lifejackets offered them. Some children experienced back floating for the first time, whilst others enjoyed towing their friends through the water.
It was fantastic to see the children experiencing and achieving something new, and was rewarding to hear them saying things about the lifejackets including “this is so fun”, “it makes me float” and “look at my starfish”.
The school is looking forward to their visit from Koru the Kiwi to finish off their successful swimming programme for 2012 – so watch this space for pictures, and news about this visit!