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Titahi Bay North School’s equation to success

Titahi Bay North School in Porirua is a full primary school with a roll of over 130 students. With a school pool that is currently out of action, the school have had to use Dash Swim School this year for their lessons – and they have been extremely happy with the progress of their students.

The school are currently swimming once per week, and have seen huge progress from their students in both their swimming abilities and their confidence in the water. At the half way point of the term, to tie in with the Olympics, they decided to run a swimming sports event for their students to show off all of their hard work.

Swimming New Zealand visited the school the week before their swimming sports to talk to the kids about the Olympics, and water safety. Of particular interest were the medals that were taken along for all of the kids to see. With wide smiles and admiration, the kids were super excited to hear that those very medals would be up for grabs at their swimming sports for those who won their races!

Harriet Scott from State Insurance came along to the swimming sports as a special guest, and handed the medals to the very proud winners of width and length races in a range of different disciplines. Koru the Kiwi also made an appearance and was more than happy to pose for photos with the medallists.

It was a privilege to be part of such a well run and supported event, full of excitement and encouragement. The teachers of Titahi Bay North School did an amazing job of encouraging all of their students to participate in some way, and all of the students left with big smiles and pride.

We look forward to continuing to work with this fantastic school, and wish them the very best for the rest of their swimming season. Keep up the great work!