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The start of something extraordinary

Nelson Park School juniors swim for success

Nelson Park School in Hawke's Bay has around 450 students and this month it was time for the junior students to enjoy some warmer water for their swimming lessons. Year after year Nelson Park school support their students with Swim and Survive opportunities using the State Kiwi Swim Safe programme and by taking the students to the Napier Aquatic Centre for instruction with the Swim School as well as using their own school pool over summer.

The school is lucky enough to have supportive parents to transport the students to the pool every day for 2 weeks.  Instructors Jill, Karen and Chi from the Napier Aquatic Centre work with the students using swim and survival progressions while teachers track their progress and record this on the State Kiwi Swim Safe tracking sheets.

Most of the children were keen to get wet and even those that were a little reluctant in the beginning, but by the end of each lesson the fabulous instructors had them completing the modules and working through them with ease.

The students really responded to the warmer water of the indoor facility and it was great to see the progress these students made in a few short lessons.  

Well done Nelson Park keep up the fantastic swimming.