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Swift Water Personal Skills Course

Recently Swimming New Zealand were invited by Water Safe Auckland to attend a two-day workshop; Swift Water Personal Skills. The course incorporated Basic Water First Responder with Search & Rescue Institute NZ at the Vector Wero Whitewater Park, Manukau.  Auckland Education Advisor, Moe went to represent Swimming New Zealand.

The course objectives were to:

• Improve water safety knowledge
• Promote safe use of NZ waterways

• Recognise river features and their effects
• Understand river and search terminology
• Move safely in and around a river environment up to grade 2+
• Safe swimming
• River crossing techniques
• Perform non-technical self and peer rescues in a river environment up to grade 2"
• Recognise river features and their effects
• Basic rescue techniques including signals, throw bags

The first day included river theory and a swim test. Second day was a practical session packed with activities that were delivered in a fun manner including; swimming in fast moving water, jumping in and out, recognising and swimming in different river features in a safe way.  Moe was awarded an international certificate in Basic Water First Responder.

“I have gained valuable knowledge and skills regarding river safety.  I look forward to delivering the messages of the best and safest practice to the communities I work with”.

Representatives at the course came from Surf Life Saving NZ, Maritime NZ, St Johns Intensive Care Paramedic, Helicopter Rescue, Police and Coastguard Safe Boating Education.