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Final report of the independent review of Swimming New Zealand released

The Working Group carrying out the review of Swimming New Zealand (SNZ) has completed its final report.

The independent Working Group was commissioned last year after the membership of SNZ agreed that a review of the issues and opportunities in swimming was needed.

Its report was finalised after a draft was presented to members of the swimming community at public meetings around the country last month.

A Special General Meeting will be held shortly for the sport to vote on whether to accept the report’s recommendations.

Mr Moller said several additions had been made to the report following feedback on the draft recommendations.

‘We are recommending the Board of SNZ continue with urgency to appoint a new Director of High Performance Swimming, to be in place before the Olympic Games start.’

‘We are also recommending that a Governance Administrator be appointed in a “caretaker role” between the Special General Meeting and the new Board being appointed.’

Mr Moller said the Review Steering Group had supported him chairing the Inaugural Board Appointment Panel to ensure strong linkage between the Review recommendations and the new Board.

He said the report was sweeping, but necessary.

‘The report recommends significant changes, and reflects what we heard during extensive consultation.

‘We spoke with members of the swimming community as well as key organisations and stakeholders important to the sport.’

‘The Working Group is confident the recommendations will create the opportunity for competitive swimming in this country to grow and thrive.’