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The start of something extraordinary


Just before last christmas we ran a Water Skills for Life session with the wonderful staff and students at Waikari School in Dunedin.

We have recently received some feedback from students at the school about what they'd learnt.

"I like the swimming sessions our class does because we don't need goggles and having no goggles is really fun. I also liked doing the flips and handstands we did under the water. Another thing that I liked doing was putting a life jacket on without our feet touching the bottom. We’ve been learning about how to keep ourselves safe in the water and what to do if we get into a bad situation." - By Brooklyn

"For the last two weeks we have been learning how to survive in the water if something goes wrong. We learnt how to put a life jacket on without touching the ground. I really enjoyed this part of our learning. We learnt how to float on our backs and how to scull to keep us afloat." - By Charlotte

"At swimming we learnt how to float on our back because if you were in the middle of the ocean and you didn't want to sink you could float on your back. We didn't use goggles because you may not have goggles to use if you were lost in the ocean or lake. I also learnt how to enter the pool if you don't know how deep it is because if you enter a pool without knowing how deep it is you could drown or you could hit the ground hard." - By Jake

"I learnt how to a float on your back then stand up really fast and do a flip front flip and why aren’t we learning about backstroke and freestyle? It's because we're learning life safety and basically how to use a life jacket. It's been really fun." - By Maddie

"Things we have learnt: 1.How to put a life jacket on in the water. 2.To stay together if you fall out of a boat with people inside of it. 3.How to float on our backs for three minutes." - By Kaylea