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SNZ 2012 Outward Bound Camp

SNZ in conjunction with Outward Bound and Bluebridge Cook Strait Ferries are pleased to announce confirmation of our Youth Outward Bound Camp at Anakiwa, Picton from 15th – 22nd April 2012.  

Swimmers were selected from the NZ Age Group Championships 6th – 10th March and NZ Open Championships 25th – 30th March 2012.  Swimmers were selected as:        

The top 7 male and 7 female swimmers from selection events
20 years old and under      
Highest FINA point rankings

At the camp our swimmers will be given the wonderful opportunity to develop their self confidence, team work and self belief which in turn will help shape the rest of their swimming career.  

Over the week long course, our swimmers will experience all the outdoor elements and adventure activities Outward Bound has to offer like sailing, kayaking, bushcraft, rock climbing and navigation.

They’ll challenge themselves and push their limits, learn about themselves from both success and failure and take their confidence and motivation to a new level. 

The following swimmers were selected and are attending the SNZ 2012 Outward Bound Camp:

Sophia Batchelor AQGCB Leanne Speechley
Isaac Foote CAPWN Gary Hurring
Kyle Barnes CAPWN Gary Hurring
Lauren Coetzee CAPWN Gary Hurring
Chris Dawson ENTHP Matt Martin
Lisa Catto HOKSL David Prattley
Byron Wolkers HPKCM Gary Hollywood
Caroline Baddock LMEAK         Glenn Hamblyn
Rima Luisa Williams LMEAK Glenn Hamblyn
Daniel Gregory-Campbell NAQHP Mike Lee
Kate Godfrey NEPOT Gennadiy Labara
Tirol Palmer NSSAK Thomas Ansorg
Matthew Hutchins WHACB Martin Harris
Carina Doyle WVSOT Andy Adair