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The start of something extraordinary

State Kiwi Swim Safe helps Devon Intermediate feel confident in the water

Devon Intermediate School staff recently completed a State Kiwi Swim Safe Professional Development Workshop with Swimsafe Advisor, Cecilie Elliott.

The teachers came away from their first workshop feeling confident as they learnt a wide range of strategies and useful resources to support their teaching of swimming.

Cecilie also spent two days working alongside teachers with their classes enabling them to see some of these instructions modelled for them, with some teachers making changes to their programmes as a result of these sessions.

In the final component of the programme Cecilie worked with teachers in the pool where it was great to see the number of teachers in the water, keen to provide the best aquatic programme for their students. The session was very informative and fun as they focused on correcting errors in technique.

On behalf of State Insurance, Cecilie was also able to donate 30 swimming caps and 30 pairs of goggles to the school to aid in their students swimming skills and to be able to stay in the water longer. Devon Intermediate School Principal Fiona Parkinson also hopes this will encourage some students to continue swimming outside of school.

Devon Intermediate School was very grateful for this opportunity and generous donation and is looking forward to their swimming sports day to test out the success of their new skills.