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Spotlight on Quality Swim Schools – Helen’s School of Swimming

Beginning with just a small outdoor backyard pool in 1981, Helen’s School of Swimming now has three locations on the North Shore, Auckland.

The Quality Swim School’s mission is to empower their students to discover their unlimited potential through fun and teaching excellence.

They aim to provide the best swimming school experience in a safe and stimulating family environment, combined with quality teaching and individual attention, to ensure that every child who learns to swim has a healthy respect for, and enjoyment of, aquatic activities.

The swim school provides an environment which challenges children’s swimming skills and extends self-esteem and confidence.

Helen’s School of Swimming has a strong focus on small classes with only four students per class in their learn to swim levels. They also focus on each student's individual needs and identify how they can best support them and systematically monitor progress.

Water safety is also a top priority and is reinforced in every lesson, along with dedicated water safety weeks within their term programme.

Helen’s School of Swimming have just poured the water into their new pool based at Sunnynook Primary School which will be open for business in Term 4 this year. 

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