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Joining Kiwi West Aquatics

Why Join Kiwi West Aquatics swim team?
Kiwi West Aquatics has a consistent and proven training program provided by the Nicholls Swim Academy lead by elite full-time professional coaches. The club has produced champions for since 1985 and has had a number of nationally ranked swimmers throughout all age groups.
Our swimmers compete at all levels of swim meets. The Club is located at West End Aquatics Pool, centrally located in Palmerston North.

What are the criteria for joining Kiwi West Aquatics?

If you are currently training at Nicholls Swim Academy, we recommend you talk to the coach to ensure you or your child is ready to move up to the next level of competitive swimming. If you are currently not training at Nicholls Swim Academy you will need to make an appointment with the club coach for an interview. To become a member of Kiwi West Aquatics and train under the Nicholls Swim Academy program.

How much does it cost?
New membership for a competitive swimmer is $80 for the first year and $140 each year after that. Training fees will vary according to the swimmers program. It is best to contact Nicholls Swim Academy for any inquiry's regarding program costs.

Registration Fees
If this is your first time registering with Kiwi West Aquatics, application forms can be collected poolside (under the notice board)

If you are already a member simply drop off your registration fee payment with your name and your membership will be renewed for another year.

Competitor swimmer membership renewed annually by April 1st. Registration forms and payments must be received before members may compete at any swim meets.

Meet information is available on the notice board poolside or on our website. Emailed updates can be viewed on our website.
Non Competitive Swimming
if you have a child who would like to try competitive swimming, Kiwi West Aquatics regularly holds club nights where non-competitive (or Novice) swimmers may compete. These will advertised on the club notice board.

How are the swimmers coached?

Nicholls Swim Academy provide full-time professional coaching through their elite coaches and are responsible for developing and managing the overall swimming program for the Club. This is a separate organisation from Kiwi West Aquatics and all training fees are paid directly to Nicholls Swim Academy.

Transferring from another club

Applications from another club require an interview with the club coach, Interviews can be organised through the Nicholls Swim Academy. Transfers will also be required to complete the initial application form available from the Swimming Manawatu website. (or click here)

Transfer Fees: swimmers transferring from another club would be required to pay the full fee of $140 minus any regional or national fees you have paid at the club you are transferring from

Membership/Technical Official Renewal

Current members may use the online form to renew their registrations, Membership will be activated once payment has been received. Officials are also able to renew registrations online