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Team Travel Policy

PSC Swim Team

Team Travel Policy

Adopted May 2010


Travel Information

1. Team Travel for NZ National Championship Meets is always done as a team. PSC will arrange all out of town travel for championship meets. Travel arrangements for all other meets will be the responsibility of the swimmer and swimmers' family.


2. It is not normally permitted to travel on your own unless special circumstances arise. Exceptions must be presented in writing to the Head Coach for consideration, at least two months prior to the meer in question. If an exception is approved it is on the understanding that their share of the full cost of management fees (Coaches & Chaperone/Manager) will be charged to the swimmer regardless of any alternate travel arrangement.


3. All team travel will have a Team Chaperone/Manager assigned. All participating athletes will share the cost of the Chaperones and Coaches. The Chaperone/Manager will be responsible for meals, travel/transport arrangements and the general care and welfare of the athletes. This person will work closely with the head coach of the trip to coordinate the itinerary.


4. Family members are welcome and encouraged to attend the competition but are responsible for their own travel arrangements and cost. As a courtesy to team management, parents and non participant swimmers/visitors are asked to make alternative arrangements.


5. Penalties and fees that result from changed or cancelled travel arrangements after the meet cancellation deadline will be charged to the swimmer.


6. All swimmers attending the National Meets are responsible for all management fees (Coach and Chaperones' transportation, accomodation, per Diem).


7. The estimated cost of participating in a meet will be advised to the family via newsletter and email. Meets will require a 50% deposit by notified due date.



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