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Travel Authorisation Policy/Form (TAF)

Policy Document - Events

Policy                          Travel Authorisation Policy
Date 9/11/2015

Purpose of this policy:

To ensure all members wishing to train and compete in overseas events are "financial" "competitive" swimmers of Swimming New Zealand (SNZ) and are eligible to compete at the competition they wish to enter.

Travel Authorisation Process:

Case 1 - Individual Travel Authorisation Form

This form is for individuals/clubs/coaches to complete if they want to compete or train in another country.

- Individuals/clubs/coaches to complete form and send to their regional administrators.

- Region approves the travel authorisation, signs the form and then sends to Swimming New Zealand.

- Swimming New Zealand will sign the form if the swimmer is a financial, competitive member of Swimming New Zealand. SNZ will then send to the appropriate International Federation cc'ing in the region that the authorisation came from.

- Swimming New Zealand will then post signed form to the swimmers profile in the database under the "documents" tab.

Case 2 - NZ Selected Team Travel Authorisation Procedure

This form is for any swimmers who have been selected to represent New Zealand by Swimming New Zealand.

- Swimming New Zealand High Performance Operations Manager prepares form.

- Swimming New Zealand sign off.

- Swimming New Zealand sends to International Federation and copy to appropriate regions for their records.

- Swimming New Zealand post sogned form to the swimmers profile in the database under the "documents" tab.

Reasons for not approving a travel request may include but are not limited to the following:

- The swimmer is not a financial member of Swimming New Zealand.

- The swimmer has an outstanding debt with Swimming New Zealand.

- The swimmer is facing disciplinary action.

The swimmer has not followed correct process for entry into the overseas meet.

If a swimmer competes in an overseas event without having a travel authorisation form approved by SNZ their results may not be uploaded to the SNZ database and they may not be able to use times gained from that meet to enter any Swimming New Zealand national event.

If a swimmer is wishing to train and compete overseas for an extended period of time they can apply for a travel authorisation for up to TWO YEARS Once the authorisation has expired they will have to apply for a new one.

Printable version of policy


Individual Travel Authorisation Form


International Team Travel Authorisation Form