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Easyswim Swim School aims to inspire children to join a club

Easyswim Swim School in Wellington are inspiring learn to swim children to join a swimming club through their ‘Have a Go’ meet.

The Swimming New Zealand Quality Swim School runs the event at the end of every term and offers events in all four strokes over 25m as well as freestyle and backstroke over 50m.

A number of swimmers from Porirua City Aquatics and Tawa Swimming Club also attend the events to demonstrate tumble turns, dives and breaststroke pull-outs.

The demonstrations support what the swim school is working on in their swimming lessons and help the children to make connections between them.

Each swimmer is allowed to enter three events with every swimmer being awarded a ribbon with their race time on it. Their race times are also recorded on a notice board.

Swimmers are also able to see their time from the same events from the previous term to see how they are improving.

The event is always rounded out with a BBQ and some free time for the children to enjoy and play in the water.

The Have a Go Meet has proven very popular for the swim school with it being an exciting feature that is looked forward to at the end of each term.