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Swim instructors get fresh ideas for teaching butterfly and breaststroke

Swim instructors in the Tauranga area recently attended a workshop focused on teaching breaststroke and butterfly strokes.

The workshop, attended by 29 swim instructors, was presented by Tai Daniella from Swimming Opportunities and head coach for Greerton Swimming Club.

Daniella spoke about each stroke from body position to drills and what these drills focused on.

After the presentation it was out to the pool where Daniella had some swimmers there to show the drills in action and give the swim instructors a chance to ask questions on everything.

The workshop provided a great opportunity for swim instructors to come together and meet each other and to meet a head coach from a local swim club in a positive learning environment.

It allowed swim instructors to share experiences, learn new ideas and to assist in showcasing swimming as a sport.

Participants on the day said the workshop was very informative, enjoyable and moral boosting and gave fresh ideas for teaching these strokes.

The workshop was one of many that Swimming New Zealand is helping to facilitate for swim instructors around the country to assist with their teaching.