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Integrated Aquatic Plan (IAP)

What is it?

The Integrated Aquatic Plan is an initiative for school teachers lead by WaterSafe Auckland.  Its aim is to:

  • Provide teachers with a visual tool to develop sequential pathways of teaching and learning for year 0-8 students.
  • Provide pathways for scaffolding of learning enabling students to have safe, meaningful and purposeful learning experiences.
  • Increase understanding of what an 'aquatically educated' student could look like.
  • Make links to relevant resources and aquatic agencies which support the teaching and learning within the Integrated Aquatic Programme.

Who is involved?

The organisations who have collaboratively worked together to produce this resource are:

  • WaterSafe Auckland
  • Surf Life Saving New Zealand
  • Swimming New Zealand
  • Coastguard Boating Education
  • New Zealand Waterwise
  • Yachting New Zealand


This enables teachers to select the appropriate curriculum based programme provided by key safety stakeholders.

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