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The start of something extraordinary

Junior School Water Afternoon

The junior school students at Otumoetai Primary School were set loose for an afternoon of fabulous water fun.

Instead of holding swimming sports for the junior school, Otumoetai Primary School gathers the community together to help run a water fun afternoon. This is a great way to learn about water and become comfortable with water in a fun way.

The students participated in many activities including water play, running through sprinklers, filling buckets with sponges and cups, a slippery slide, throwing sponges, water gun fights and the ultimate slide into a pool of water.

Each station was run by a teacher or a parent and had assistance from senior students who were ready to help the students with the activity and fill continuous buckets of water throughout the afternoon. The local kindy kids were also invited and participated in the activities alongside the students and younger siblings.

Jill Miller, Deputy Principal said this was a great fun way for the children to become comfortable around water and really helps those non water confident children to become more familiar with water, with many going under the water in their next lesson at the school pool.  Everyone gets to participate in the afternoon, no matter their level of aquatic readiness and the students have a lot of fun at the same time.

Congratulations to Otumoetai Primary School on your great idea to encourage fun, responsibility and increasing confidence around water.